Principle Investigator

Moises Carreon   Moises A. CarreonPDF versionText only version

B.S Chemical Engineering, U.M.S.N.H. Mexico
M.S. Materials Science Engineering, U.M.S.N.H. Mexico
Ph.D Chemical & Materials Engineering, University of Cincinnati 

Associate Professor
Chemical & Biological Engineering Department
Colorado School of Mines

Graduate Researchers

  Ting Wu

B.S. Biological Science and Technology, Central South University
M.S. Chemical Engineering, Arizona State University

Project: MOF membrane for Kr/Xe separation

Jolie Lucero

B.S. Chemical Engineering, University of New Mexico

Project: Porous organic cage membrane


James CrawfordPDF versionText only version

B.S. Chemical Engineering, Montana State University 

Project: Dehydration of sugars to furfural and derivatives over rationally designed microporous crystalline catalysts
Project Info: As a graduate researcher at Colorado School of Mines, my mission is to contribute to innovations that improve both the wellness of human kind and the earth. One field I find of major importance is the cycle of energy generation and consumption. By finding energy generation solutions that result in minimal waste products, both human kind and the earth will benefit. One example of this is the production of transportation fuels and chemicals from biomass. Here, renewable biomass is produced under the displacement of carbon dioxide. This biomass is harvested and exposed to treatments which result in value added products. While a number of processes can accomplish this, the use of heterogeneous catalysis is of major interest as it requires minimal energy inputs and offers mechanistic simplicity. In my research, I seek to implement ordered microporous structures in the conversion of biomass to industrially relevant chemicals and fuels.




Undergraduate Researchers

Taylor Self  

Taylor Self

B.S. Class of 2019 Chemical and Biochemical Engineering, Colorado School of Mines
Project: Metal-organic framework crystals synthesis


Ricardo Ocampo

B.S. Class of 2019 Chemical Engineering, Colorado School of Mines

Project: Catalytic reactions


Carla Osuna

B.S. Class of 2019 Chemical Engineering, Colorado School of Mines